Brushstrokes and Balladeers: Painters and Poets of the American West


 A gorgeous collection of Western poetry, both classic and contemporary, paired with unforgettable images by painters both famous and unknown. Winner of the Wrangler Award for Best Poetry Book of 2014 from the Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Winner of the Will Rogers Gold Medallion for Best Poetry Book of 2014. CJ Hadley, Editor and Publisher. We love this one so much we're planning another volume in 2015.


Sharing Fencelines: Three Friends Write from Nevada's Sagebrush Corner



Three strong narratives by three women from the Great Basin who defend what they so strongly value-independence inside community. love, beauty. Sharing Fencelines is well told, compelling, engrossing, political, and ultimately heartening. The West is finally getting the first-rate stroy-telling it deserves, told by the people who live there. --William Kittredge


Sharing Fencelines reminds us that ordinary people are the lifeblood of our country. A rancher, a school teacher, a painter who show a fierce determination to defend and protect their lives and livelihoods show the rest of us how it's done: when they didn't know something, they asked questions; when others tried to intimidate them, they stood their ground; when they came to the end of their rope, they tied on more rope. They never gave up. --Erin Brockovich, environmental activist

Fifty Miles from Home: Riding the Long Circle on a Nevada Family Ranch


Photographs by Linda Dufurrena, Text by Carolyn Dufurrena


 Now in its fourth printing, this tale of four generations of a Nevada ranching family's life and work in the high desert of Nevada brings the reader into intimate contact with heartbreakingly beautiful landscapes, the joys of hard  work and play done well.  Winner of the Donald M. Kerr Award for raising public awareness for ranch life in the Nevada High Desert, 2005, and the Silver Pen Award from the Friends of the University Library, University of Nevada-Reno, 2002.