Except for the Wind:

poems and stories from the cold desert

Finalist for the 2017 Willa Award from Women Writing the West

Here is a glimpse at a world most people will never know: a world of wild things and not-so-wild, four-legged and two, that move through the seasons that anchor our work on the ranch, the characters that flow through our histories and the inexorable processes that shape this world: flood, fire, drought.




2017 Willa Judge:  " Carolyn Dufurrena captures the desert's dichotomy between extremes, where miracles happen. The desert yields its secrets of beauty to those who are quiet enough to observe."

"Reviewers say: "Brave", "Magnificent"


"After the third read, it still moved me to tears."

Sophie Sheppard, award-winning author and artist, winner of the Earle M Childs Award


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